How to create a property investment business plan

property portfolio

What Is a Property Investment Business Plan and Why Do You Need One? At its core, a property investment business plan needs to be a record of what your investment goal is, what your property investment journey will look like and how you intend to make a profit. Many successful property investors have created in-depth […]

Buying UK property investments – a guide for overseas investors part two


Why are overseas investors seeking opportunities in the UK? Investors from China and the US recently ranked the UK as the best for residential property investment, citing the high demand, shortfall in supply, strong yields and attractive prices as their reasons. The rental market in the UK is a real cause for celebration for both […]

6 Tips For Investing in Rental Properties

Investing in UK property

1. Do your research It seems obvious, but too many investors – especially first-time investors – rush into a purchase before doing enough research. Firstly, speak to fellow investorsto get a good guide to rental property investment, for example, which property rental type is right for you. Maybe you know friends or colleagues who are […]

An Introduction to Investing in UK Student Property

Purpose-Built vs Multiple Occupancy

For generations, the UK has remained an incredibly highly regarded centre of education and is home to some of the top universities in the world. Driven by this demand, student property is an incredibly lucrative investment opportunity and has a proven track record of strength and resilience in times of wider economic uncertainty. Select Property […]

Buying an Investment Property – 10 Things You Need To Know

Manchester buildings

1.      Set your goal – and make sure it’s for the long-term Of course, you want to invest in property to make money and growth your wealth. That’s taken as read. But, to really maximise the potential of your investment, you need to ensure that you have a long-term view. Property as an […]

Stamp duty for investment: An overview.

Stamp Duty For Investment

You have probably heard a lot of information about stamp duty in 2020 and want to know how stamp duty is charged on your UK property investment. Our overview should help give you some more clarity. Overview. The UK property tax has been a big topic of recent conversation from home buyers and property investors […]

How To Invest in Property in the UK


Firstly – what is your investment goal? Of course, above all else, you want to grow your wealth. That’s taken as read. But what’s your investment plan? Do you want to make all of your money quickly? Or do you want to generate a more gradual amount over a longer period? It’s essential to firmly […]

How to Get Started In Investment Property – An Overview

Property Investment

Is property a good investment? Firstly, it’s important to establish the fundamental reasons why property is a trusted investment asset. Unlike other popular investments, such as equities, property is a physical asset. You can touch a property, visit it, and live in it. Being able to do these things makes it much more tangible than […]

An Introduction to Investing in UK Student Property

Student Property in Manchester

What Makes Student Property an Investment You Can Trust? With performance not determined by wider economic factors, UK student property is one of the strongest investments you can make. As student numbers rise, so does the need for student homes. But, with supply remaining low, investors are continuing to achieve substantial returns. Download this guide […]

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