The future of luxury city living: 6 unique features of One Port Street

One Port Street The Hideout Secret Room Speakeasy

Set to become as synonymous with the Northern Quarter as Beetham Tower is to Deansgate, One Port Street is a landmark destination already redefining NQ’s historic skyline. While its architecture pays homage to Manchester’s industrial past in its partial red-brick design, One Port Street is the future of luxury living.  More than just a place […]

How are GCC investors using a UK mortgage to unlock investment opportunities?

GCC investors securing UK mortgage

The strength and maturity of the UK property market continues to attract international investors, especially those from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries – the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait. This year, GCC investment into UK property is expected to hit a noteworthy $3.2 billion. But what’s driving this surge in interest, and […]

Where to invest in the UK property market in 2024


The UK property market has seen unprecedented changes in recent years. In the years since the Covid pandemic, the UK economy has seen continually rising house prices and a change in buyer preferences as people shift priorities in ways to live, rent, and buy property for the long term. This has created an extremely robust […]

20 years of people and place: Happy Birthday Select Property!

20 years of Select Property

In 2004, Select Property embarked on a remarkable journey when Founder, Mark Stott, set out with a clear vision and the seeds of future innovation. Two decades and £2.86 billion worth of property sales later, we’re not just celebrating our 20th birthday; we’re honouring twenty years of growth, placemaking, and our cherished global community. 20 […]

How many bedrooms are best for an investment property?

One Port Street bed room

As there are many variables determining the rental yield a property can offer, there is no one-size-fits-all answer on how many bedrooms are best for maximum returns. Studios, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments can all be lucrative options, and which one is right for you largely depends on your budget, rental property preferences and target […]

AirBnb vs. Long-term lets: Which is the better investment?

AirBnb vs. long-term let living room show suite

Short-term ‘AirBnb’ rentals vs. long-term rental properties is a debate that has sparked attention among investors in recent years. Both are lucrative property investment options with pros and cons, but the question every property investor wants to know is – which offers the best net rental yield and is most profitable for landlords? Read our […]

EPC rules & regulations for investors

As the impact of climate change is more widely reported than ever, the global shift towards more sustainable practices is set to dominate every sector over the next few decades. As one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide (Co2), the property industry is under pressure to lead change. It is the responsibility of developers, […]

6 renter priorities that landlords can’t afford to ignore

One Port Street swimming pool

Since 2004, Select Property have been bridging the gap between the goals of investors and the demands of renters. In a post-pandemic world, renters are expecting more from their homes than ever before. Here are 6 renter priorities that landlords simply can’t afford to ignore when considering their next buy-to-let property investment. 1. Access to […]

Should you furnish your rental apartment?

Furnished apartment in UK

What is a furnished rental property? Although the terms ‘furnished properties’ and ‘unfurnished properties’ seem relatively self-explanatory, these definitions and what they include can vary. Purpose-built properties nearly always have integrated white goods and kitchen appliances such as a fridge, cooker and oven, whether they are furnished or not. Typically, ‘furnished’ properties in the UK […]

How to make money with rental properties

Rental Property in UK

How can a property investor make money from a rental property? Savvy property investors enjoy rewarding returns through a balance of rental income (cash flow), and value appreciation (equity) in their property. Gone are the days of ‘buying and flipping’ a property to make a quick profit. Instead, property consultants advise to buy and hold […]

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