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Birmingham Property Investment

The UK city forecasted to see the highest house price and rental growth over the next five years, according to JLL. Expanding by 10,000 people a year, Birmingham’s population is growing at a rate far quicker than new homes are being built. Apartments for sale in Birmingham city centre are among the most in-demand investments in the UK. It's also a city at the start of a new period of sustained economic growth. With this in mind, Birmingham property investment is becoming more and more popular.

Why You Should Invest in Birmingham

Strategically located in the very centre of England, Birmingham is one of the UK’s most important regional hubs.

Home to a GBP 31.9 billion economy, and the largest city economy outside of London, Birmingham is established as a prosperous, high-growth investment city.

But it’s Birmingham’s future growth projections that makes it such an exciting investment location for global property investors. Savills predicts that average property prices in the West Midlands will grow by 21.7% over the next 5 years – and Birmingham property prices will be a large part of this.

In the coming years, key infrastructure projects such as High-Speed 2 (HS2) will accelerate the growth of the city’s economy, population, and house prices. HS2 will cut the commute time to London from an hour and a half to just 49 minutes, making Birmingham a commuter hotspot for millions of Londoners overnight.

The time to secure investment in Birmingham is now.

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A West Midlands City With a Young, Rising Population

Birmingham is the second most populous city in the UK. Between 2002 and 2015, Birmingham city centre’s population increased by 163% – the second fastest rising population in the UK.

And that’s just the start of the growth. 10,000 people are added to Birmingham’s population every year.  But it’s the demographics of the city that make it such an attractive location for investors – particularly those considering a Build-to-Rent residential property investment in Birmingham.

With global companies such as Goldman Sachs, HSBC Bank and Deloitte setting up headquarters in the UK’s second city, Birmingham is attracting a talent pool of high-earning individuals – a key demographic of the Built-to-Rent sector.

40% of Birmingham’s population is under the age of 25, making it the youngest major city in Europe – a hub for young professionals. The city has a graduate retention rate of 41% from its five universities, adding young people to Birmingham’s rental market and economy each year.

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