How many bedrooms are best for an investment property?

One Port Street bed room

As there are many variables determining the rental yield a property can offer, there is no one-size-fits-all answer on how many bedrooms are best for maximum returns. Studios, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments can all be lucrative options, and which one is right for you largely depends on your budget, rental property preferences and target […]

EPC rules & regulations for investors

As the impact of climate change is more widely reported than ever, the global shift towards more sustainable practices is set to dominate every sector over the next few decades. As one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide (Co2), the property industry is under pressure to lead change. It is the responsibility of developers, […]

Is price per square foot important when it comes to investment property?

When it comes to investing in property, how important is price per square foot in your purchase decision? As we’ve seen first-hand over the last two decades, basing perceived value for money solely on price per square foot has its limitations. More important factors that add value and drive higher rental returns include prime location, […]

The power of placemaking in build-to-rent property

Annual investment in UK real estate reached over £10bn in 2022 (JLL). According to Savills, an incredible £4.3bn of that annual investment was in the Build to Rent (BTR) sector – breaking the record for a fourth consecutive year. Yields have proven resilient by comparison to other asset classes, supported by high demand for city centre […]

Birmingham property prices set to rise by 19.2%

Birmingham Property

‘The Commonwealth Games Effect’ Since 1970, the UK has hosted the Commonwealth Games four times, and in the year following each event, property values increased by an average of 14.9% across these host cities. Following Manchester’s 2002 Commonwealth Games, from the torch being lit at the opening ceremony to one year later, house prices rose […]

Mini-budget stamp duty cut: what you need to know

UK real estate

The September mini-budget In an attempt to make buying property easier for UK residents, unveiled as part of the UK government’s ‘mini budget’, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng announced cuts to Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on 23rd September, coming into effect straight away. The Chancellor said: “Home ownership is the most common route for people to […]

UK Property Market Forecast 2022

UK Property Market

UK Property Market 2021 Property prices have risen consistently throughout 2021, with the second half of the year considered the ‘post-pandemic property boom’. UK house prices grew at the fastest rate in 15 years over the past three months, with the average home valued at GBP 20,000 more than this time last year, according to […]

The London property market

London bridge

The London Housing Market Report found that private rents are rising strongly while UK house prices appear to be stabilising. Although this is a generally positive message for existing London investors as they can expect higher rental returns and are likely to see some long-term capital growth, the report acknowledged that both rent and price […]

Why Property Investment is a Stable Investment

As well as being a global crisis for humanity, COVID-19 caused an unprecedented shock for the world economy, with an estimated 3.5% fall in global output in 2020. Despite this, the property market has remained relatively consistent throughout the pandemic. The main reason for this stability is the ongoing housing shortfall in the UK, with government […]

Buying UK Property Investments – A Guide For Overseas Investors Part One

New UK Rental Market Report Highlights Regional Differences.

Summary of overseas investment in UK Property As an investment destination, the UK has held itself in a strong position for many years and has developed a reputation for being a popular place for foreign investment. Overseas investment in UK residential property has remained high for so long for several reasons: In 2019, UK Prime […]

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