Understanding Your Tenants: Students vs Residential

UK students property

The pros and cons of investing in Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) Before we look at the priorities and expectations of today’s rental market across the residential and student sectors, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of investing in each. Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) PBSA is designed, developed and managed to deliver a […]

11 property investment questions you should ask before investing

Property investment questions

Property investment strategy questions 1. Am I ready to make a property investment? Although this seems like a simple question, it is important to have clear investment goals, an idea of budget and your personal finance to make sure it’s the right time to invest in property. While UK property is widely regarded as one […]

Is buying an apartment a good property investment?

buying an apartment a good property investment

Apartments vs. Houses for Investments In the residential market, the two most common investment property types are houses and apartments. While there are pros and possible cons to investing in both as we’ll explore the key differences in this guide, choosing a good investment largely depends on the individual’s preferences, financial goals, and the level […]

How to invest in an off-plan property

Invest in off plan property

Summary. How to invest in off-plan property. UK property remains one of the most stable asset classes, driving strong and consistent returns for investors and helping many achieve financial freedom. But developing a successful property portfolio doesn’t happen over-night; it takes research, professional advice and patience. Every investment comes with its risks and property is […]

How to Create a Property Investment Portfolio

property business plan

What is a property investment portfolio? Rather than just one buy-to-let investment, a property portfolio is an individual’s collection of property investments. The portfolios generating the strongest returns typically have a diverse range of assets across different property types, sectors and locations, most commonly including Build-to-Rent (BTR) properties and Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA). Seasoned property […]

The Next Property Hotspots


The UK’s Top 10 Property Hotspots The Top Five Southampton Topping the table, Southampton is a burgeoning hotspot for property investors. The city claimed the top spot in our ranking for GVA, second place for business start-ups and took third place for both employment growth and a number of businesses per capita. Southampton was also […]

6 Common Myths About UK Property Investment

UK Property Investment

1. ‘Surely prime city centres are oversupplied with the residential property now?’ This is ranked as our top myth, as it couldn’t be more off the mark. In prime investment locations such as Manchester or ‘Manc-hattan’ as it was recently termed for its evolving skyline, some investors perceive the scale of construction taking place as […]

Commercial or Residential Property – Which Investment For You?

Manchester Real Estate

Deciding which UK property sector will work best for you? Read our overview of commercial and residential property to help you decide. It’s one of the key questions that property investors ask at the start of their investment journey. “Which type of property should I choose?” Whether you’re a first-time property investor, or even if […]

Purpose-Built vs Multiple Occupancy Student Housing

UK Student Property

With universities transitioning to remote studying to accommodate students, some investors have felt cautious about investing in student property based on the assumption that fewer students will live away from home to study. However, the National Student Accommodation Survey 2021 showed that 88% of students still chose to live in some form of student accommodation […]

Five reasons to consider investing in off-plan developments.

Reasons To Consider Investing In Off-Plan Developments.

Off-plan developments are in strong demand from investors around the world, despite some seeing it as a risk to purchase months or often years before completion. The major advantage of investing off plan is to secure the purchase at a discounted price ahead of capital appreciation over the build period, giving investors instant equity in […]

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