How many bedrooms are best for an investment property?

One Port Street bed room

As there are many variables determining the rental yield a property can offer, there is no one-size-fits-all answer on how many bedrooms are best for maximum returns. Studios, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments can all be lucrative options, and which one is right for you largely depends on your budget, rental property preferences and target […]

Birmingham property prices set to rise by 19.2%

Birmingham Property

‘The Commonwealth Games Effect’ Since 1970, the UK has hosted the Commonwealth Games four times, and in the year following each event, property values increased by an average of 14.9% across these host cities. Following Manchester’s 2002 Commonwealth Games, from the torch being lit at the opening ceremony to one year later, house prices rose […]

Six reasons to invest in Birmingham


Six reasons why Birmingham is a prime investment opportunity 1. Strong demand Increasing by 10,000 people a year, Birmingham’s rapidly growing population is currently at 1.14 million. With the youngest population in Europe and a graduate retention rate of 41%, a quarter of the city’s population rent their properties. A world-class hub for business due to […]

Mini-budget stamp duty cut: what you need to know

Stamp Duty UK

The September mini-budget In an attempt to make buying property easier for UK residents, unveiled as part of the UK government’s ‘mini budget’, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng announced cuts to Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on 23rd September, coming into effect straight away. The Chancellor said: “Home ownership is the most common route for people to […]

Rightmove reports UK rental market is at a record high.

Rightmove Reports UK Rental Market Is At A Record High.

What’s causing the rise in rents? Underpinned by a supply and demand imbalance, Rightmove reported that there are more than triple the number of prospective tenants as there are rental properties available. With total tenant demand up 6% and available properties down by 50% compared to last year, rents are being driven up. Rightmove also […]

Why renters are choosing Birmingham

Why renters are choosing Birmingham

Birmingham’s global profile is growing. From Peaky Blinders to the Commonwealth Games, a spotlight is being shone on the UK’s second city, attracting unprecedented global investment. Projected to achieve the highest house price and rental growth of any UK city over the next five years, Birmingham’s high performance is underpinned by its rapidly growing population […]

The projects transforming Birmingham

The Projects Transforming Birmingham

Birmingham is the UK city projected to see the strongest house price and rental growth over the next five years. Underpinned by a supply and demand imbalance of purpose-built rental apartments, the UK’s second city is attracting unprecedented global investment. Leading the way with forecasted growth of 4.9% every year for the next five years, […]

Birmingham property prices

Birmingham Property Prices.

How do Birmingham’s house prices and achieved rents compare with the rest of the UK, and what is attracting investment in the UK’s second city? This guide will take a deep dive into the Birmingham property market, comparing house price growth, looking into the best areas to invest and predictions for the future of the […]

11 property investment questions you should ask before investing

Property investment questions

Property investment strategy questions 1. Am I ready to make a property investment? Although this seems like a simple question, it is important to have clear investment goals, an idea of budget and your personal finance to make sure it’s the right time to invest in property. While UK property is widely regarded as one […]

What are Birmingham’s tenants looking for?

What Are Birmingham's Tenants Looking For?

With a population growing by 10,000 people a year, property demand in Birmingham far outweighs supply. This housing shortfall is expected to be over 28,000 homes by 2031, underpinning Birmingham’s performance as a prime investment location. Kickstarted by millions of tenants returning to the office this year, the urbanisation trend has triggered strong rental growth in the […]

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