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From international property specialist to one of the UK’s largest property developers and retailers. This is Select Property Group’s story of success in developing and investing in the UK's next property hotspots.

Read our journey and join us in creating our future landmark achievements.

Working With Property Investors Like You Since 2004

Select Property Group was among the first companies to identify the vast investment potential of Dubai’s property market. We opened our Middle East office in 2005, working exclusively with a prominent UAE developer as its primary sales agent.

Soon, our growing community of investors wanted to invest in new international markets.

In 2012, along with our sister company Vita Group, we transformed the UK student property sector with Vita Student. To date we’ve sold thousands of award-winning student apartments to investors around the world.

Our expertise then saw us move into different UK property sectors, from residential to luxury serviced apartments.

It’s a journey we’re proud of. But it’s a story that’s only just beginning.

February - 2022

Affinity Living Lancaster Wharf, Birmingham

Global Launch. Over 120 properties sold during pre-launch

February - 2022

Vita Student Park Place, Cardiff
95% sold

January - 2022

Elizabeth Tower at Crown Street, Manchester

December - 2021

The Blade, Manchester
90% sold

November - 2021

Three60, Manchester
Global Launch

October - 2021

Affinity Living Riverview, Manchester
Completes and operational

August - 2021

City Suite 2, Manchester

July - 2021

Affinity Living Embankment West, Manchester (Exchange Point)

Complete and operational

July - 2021

Affinity Living Embankment West, Manchester (Laurance Place)

Completes and operational

November - 2020

Affinity Living Embankment West, Manchester sold out

October - 2020

Victoria Residence at Crown Street completes

October - 2020

The Blade, Manchester launched to investors globally

June - 2020

Elizabeth Tower at Crown Street, Manchester sold out

January - 2020

Affinity Living Riverside delivered

October - 2019

Affinity Living Embankment West, Manchester awarded Residential High-rise Development UK at the 2019/20 UK Property Awards

September - 2018

Vita Student Portswood, Southampton delivered

April - 2018

Hong Kong office opens

March - 2018

Vita Student Portswood, Southampton sells out

September - 2017

Vita Student Village York delivered

February - 2017

CitySuites Manchester delivered

Vita Student Village York sells out

September - 2016

Vita Student Westgate, Newcastle delivered

August - 2016

Shanghai office opens

July - 2016

Affinity Living Riverside, Manchester sells out

March - 2016

Select Property Group launches Affinity Living

February - 2016

Vita Student Westgate, Newcastle sells out

November - 2015

CitySuites Manchester sells out

September - 2015

Vita Student First Street, Manchester delivered


September - 2015

Vita Student Sheffield delivered

February - 2015

Vita Group launches CitySuites

Vita Student Sheffield sells out

September - 2014

Vita Student Tinlings, Liverpool delivered

September - 2014

Vita Student Crosshall, Liverpool delivered

September - 2014

Vita Student Richmond House, Southampton delivered

September - 2014

Vita Student Bristol delivered

September - 2014

Vita Student Exeter delivered

March - 2014

Vita Student Richmond House, Southampton sells out

February - 2014

No.9 Dubai Marina sells out

November - 2013

Vita Student Exeter sells out

July - 2013

Vita Student First Street, Manchester sells out

Vita Student Bristol sells out

July - 2013

Vita Student The Chapel, Liverpool delivered

February - 2013

Vita Student Crosshall, Liverpool sells out

West Avenue, Dubai Marina sells out

December - 2012

Vita Student Tinlings, Liverpool sells out

October - 2012

Bay Central Dubai Marina completes

June - 2012

Vita Student The Chapel, Liverpool sells out

March - 2012

Vita Student launches

December - 2011

Botanica Dubai Marina completes

May - 2011

The Torch Dubai Marina completes

April - 2009

The Point Dubai Marina completes

March - 2008

Botanica Dubai Marina sells out

February - 2008

Bay Central Dubai Marina sells out

October - 2007

The Torch Dubai Marina sells out

February - 2007

The Point Dubai Marina sells out

August - 2005

Dubai office opens

March - 2004

Select Property Group first established in Manchester


"I Found It Very Easy to
Invest in the UK with
Select Property Group"

This is what our current investors think of their experience with us.
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“I wanted to invest in British real estate, due to its stability and returns in a strong currency. Select’s reputation and proven track record of results sold their investments to me over other UK developers. To date I’ve been extremely satisfied with my investments, and I’ve already been confident enough to refer Select to several of my friends.”

Mshindi B Kenya-based investor

“To date I am very satisfied with my investments, not just from a capital gains perspective, but with the personal level of service and attention Select Property gives to each individual investor throughout the entire sales and property management process. As an overseas buyer, I’ve found it very easy to invest in the UK with Select Property, and I’d be very open to investing with them again in the future.”

Colin C US-based investor

“I have also successfully referred other investors in Egypt, as I was deeply convinced that others would be as attracted by the great investment potential and Select Property’s professional management standards as I was. For sure I will be investing in the UK again, solely with Select Property.”

Sherif D Egypt-based investor

“I’ve bought a number of different products as I’m very confident that Select Property can deliver success in different real estate sectors. With each property, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how easy the whole investment process was. So far I’ve bought more than six properties and it will only be Select Property that I trust to invest with in the future.”

Khalid Z Lebanon-based investor

“The returns I have achieved so far are in line with initial expectations promised by Select Property, while my properties have also enjoyed notable capital appreciation. Select Property’s dedicated team of professionals have made the investment process clear and simple right from the start.”

Antony L Thailand-based investor

“Select Property has developments in the best locations, and the quality of their properties have been proven time and time again. Growing a portfolio is very important, and having a trusted partner is essential to building your portfolio successfully, so I will definitely be trusting Select Property again with any future investments.”

Mohammed A Kuwait-based investor

“After doing my research, I chose Select Property Group because of their impressive track record and their full-service approach; I found very few other developers that would manage my property for me, too. Every person I’ve dealt with has displayed huge professionalism and demonstrated an incredible knowledge of the UK property market.”

Brian M South Africa-based investor

“The investment process was made very easy. If I ever had a problem and needed more information, every person at Select was very helpful and friendly, explaining everything in detail and always returning my calls promptly. Going forward, it’s made me very interested in investing in any future developments Select bring to market.”

Avril W UK-based investor